A Creative Safe-Space

Unclutter is a creative safe space that uses music and other art forms as a tool to help young adults maintain a healthy mental state. As we transition into adulthood, and all the challenges, pressures, and stress that come with it, Unclutter provides a place to unwind, unburden, unbottle, decongest, and unclutter our entire mental space.

Transform your body, mind, and life today.

At Unclutter, we have conversations about our mental health as young adults, the pressure, the challenges of keeping a healthy mental state at this time of our lives. Our tools are storytelling, poetry, dance, and spontaneous music. As we share and talk about these, we create music that everyone can participate in. This is Avant Garde-new and experimental ideas and methods in art, music, or literature, and it becomes a collection of music every one can have in their private possession. And we give hugs too, big warm hugs.