The Happiness Experience

Live-in Concert with Watti Boaz

The Concert

The Happiness Experience is an online mental health awareness concert. It is a continued effort to share happiness and happy experiences with people. The concert leverages the therapeutic effect of music to help young people harness their happy mood, listen to conversations about mental health, and relieve themselves of stress through dance.
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Watti Boaz

Watti Boaz is a fast rising Afro pop artist with a growing fan base of about 500 Monthly listeners. His earliest music influence includes Lagbaja, Beautiful Nubia, Asa, King Sunny Ade, Yinka Ayefele and Ebenezer Obey to mention a few. He describes his style of music as Afro-centric and with a fine melodious blend of Yoruba and English, he sings about love and life. His first body of titled “Happiness Half Hour” was inspired by the need to help people through the emotional and mental stress especially due to the pandemic in 2020.


Unclutter is a creative safe space that uses music and other art forms as a tool to help young adults maintain a healthy mental state. As we transition into adulthood, and all the challenges, pressures, and stress that come with it, Unclutter provides a place to unwind, unburden, unbottle, decongest, and unclutter our entire mental space.

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Watti Boaz