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Unclutter is a creative safe space that uses music and other art forms as a tool to help young adults maintain a healthy mental state.


Music and Dance

The therapeutic effect of our Avant-garde and spontaneous music helps unburden.


Conversations about our mental health struggles through story-telling help us to learn.


Stretch your mind

 Our numerous creative arts activities provide an opportunity to pour out every ounce of pressure and stress.

A Private Physical Session


Helping the body fight Mental Stress

What Unclutter means to us

Unclutter Lagos

"I felt really relieved and excited. I felt like I let my hair down and was able to unwind. I really enjoyed it"

Unclutter Lagos, 2019

"I was encouraged, knowing that there are people who've walked through some hard times but are bouncing back gracefully. "

Unclutter Akure, 2019

"I felt like I had bonded with proper Adults."

Unclutter Lagos, 2019

"Before Unclutter, I had a really crazy week, work and all. At Un-clutter, I felt like I had no worries again in the world. After the event, I felt like some weight I wasn't even aware of was taken off me. I really had a good time. I pray it gets even better"

Unclutter Lagos, 2020

"It felt great knowing that there are other people with whom we're in this adulthood. Knowing that as much as it seems you're alone on your journey, you're actually not alone."


The Happiness Experience

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